Accents: Proficient in General American, British (Received Pronunciation, Cockney), Persian, Indian, Italian, Spanish, New York, and Southern Irish.

Languages: Persian (Farsi) Salme spoke Farsi in the production of “Who’s Afraid of the Working Class” , her AADA Showcase monologue, and most recently the VCA Masters short film “Wish”.

For Channel 10’s “Rush” she spoke Hazaragi – a Persian dialect spoken in Afghanistan.

She can also speak Spanish after having lived in Spain for 5 months.

Salme began training in classical piano at age 7, taking part in the yearly exams at Sydney Conservatorium of Music. She continued lessons for 5 years, only giving them up in high school to focus on her dance training.

Salme began dancing at age 7 at Cheryl Warwick Dance Academy and continued throughout high school with Lee Academy Dance Technique. She earned Honors in her yearly exams, competed in many eisteddfods which won her numerous awards, and has performed at Wonderland and the Sydney Opera House.

After moving to Sydney, Salme continued her training at Sydney Dance Company. She is proficient in Jazz, BalletContemporaryHip Hop and Tap.

Whilst filming “Flight to Bollywood” Salme received Bollywood dance lessons to perform the choreographed Bollywood dance routines for the film.

Salme loves outdoor sports such as cycling, hiking and canoeing.

She also has a passion for Muay Thai kickboxing, after having trained at various gyms in Sydney, Melbourne and LA.