Aug 2014 19

When Miriam’s family discover she is gay, she is forced to make a choice between her faith and religious parents, and the girl she loves.

Jul 2014 15

Tom, a stutterer, is determined to expose the celebrated Speech Therapist, Dr James, and his scamming coorporation.

Jun 2014 29

Set in the remote mountains of Afghanistan, Last Day of Snyder is a powerful film revealed in reverse, exploring military exploitation and challenging our post 9/11 preconceptions.

Dec 2013 20

An Iranian refugee, Arezou (Wish), seeks freedom from an Australian detention centre, only to become trapped in an abusive marriage.

Screened at ACMI 13 & 15 December, 2013.

Sep 2013 10
Foreign film festival 2013 trailer – Salme stars in one of the festival’s comedic trailers as ‘Praying Woman’.
Sep 2013 05

Season 3 Episode 9 – Aired Tuesday, 3 September, 2013. ¬†Salme plays Amita Chaves, Callum’s new sales manager.

Nov 2011 15

Starring: Deniz Akdeniz and James Frecheville

Alexi seeks to resolve his grief on the anniversary of his sister’s death.

Nov 2011 05

An Iranian family picnic in an orchard by a river to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. Noor is 14, in love and desperate to live her own life. When she strays too far from the watchful eyes of her family, her desire for independence has devastating consequences. The Orchard is directed by Sofi Basseghi, and won three awards in the Ionion International Digital Film Festival 2012 – Best Script, Best Cinematography, and Best Editing.

Nov 2010 02

Season 3 Episode 14 – Aired Thursday, 28 October, 2010. The team is put to the test when a group of Afghan asylum seekers take control of Frankston’s Peninsula Centre, and hold many people hostage, including the son of the Minister for Immigration. Tactical Response must rely on an interpreter, who may not be all she seems.

Aug 2009 06

After a successful run in December 2008, the cast reunited in July 2009 to perform this audacious, ingenious and incredibly fun Berkoff play at the Tap Gallery, Sydney.

“All four players give commanding and humerous performances as Berkoff’s troubled and deeply flawed characters… the ICA company can hold their head up high” – Brag Magazine 27 July 2009

“Geransar dominates both her egotistical role and her submissive lover” – Daily Telegraph 13 July 2009

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