Jul 2017 24


MRS CARMODY & MRS JELLINECK is an Official Selection at Broad Humor Film Festival! Our Webseries will be screened in the “SOMETHING DIFFERENT” category on September 2 at 2pm at the Electric Lodge in Venice!

Jun 2017 17

Red Carpet at the LA FILM FESTIVAL for the premiere of IZZY GETS THE F*CK ACROSS TOWN. From left to right: Bobby Lamont, Sheldon Bailey, Mackenzie Davis (Lead/CoProducer), Ryan Simpkins, Lakeith Stanfield, Alex Russell, Meghan Lennox (Actress/CoProducer), Christian Papierniak (Director/CoProducer), Robyn Clark, and myself.

Mar 2017 19

THE SCRAMBLE @scramblecomedy is a weekly comedy show at The Pack Theater in Hollywood. Thank you Katy Dolle for inviting me to perform my character: SCOTT, the Sign Spinning Coach. The show featured other character performances, some great comedians, and a rocking Irish Dance troupe!

Feb 2017 25


So much fun performing with the talented, strong, and funny women of the sketch comedy group MEN OF LEISURE. This photo is from the sketch LION TAMING written by CK Kimball (left).

Feb 2017 20


So excited to watch The Short Short at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival!

Jan 2017 15


THE SHORT SHORT – parody of The Big Short, is an official selection at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival!

Nov 2016 30



MRS CARMODY & MRS JELLINECK won 3 awards at the 2016 Accolade Global Film Competition: Best Webisode/Web Series, Best Actress: Leading, and Best Comedy Program/Series. Fantastic!

Nov 2016 16



So fun playing Drella and Mrs Kim at NOISY NEST’S Stage Reading of Gilmore Girls – the Pilot.

Nov 2016 06



A patient must break the bad news to a socially-awkward Oncologist that the world is about to come to an end.

Feb 2016 24



Congrats to team The Short (short) for winning the Golden Fist for Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, and I won Best Supporting Actress! So proud of our film! You can watch it on Vimeo: The Short (short)

Feb 2016 02



The Short (short) is a parody of the Oscar Nominated film The Big Short. Instead of the credit default swaps in the housing market, The Short (short) is about default IMDb credit swaps and Casting Director Obligations (CDOs) in the film Industry.

Jan 2016 30

So excited to be a part of this comedy feature starring Mackenzie Davis, Carrie Coon and Haley Joel Osment. Coming out soon!!

Nov 2015 28



Me as Baroness Ipswich with Cook on the right, and Mrs Jellineck and Mrs Carmody on the left; the crime solving duo in this fabulously hilarious murder mystery.

May 2015 23



Pushed to the edge by the breakdown of their marriage, Amy decides to make a change on her birthday.

Feb 2015 17



Feb 2015 12

Best Actress Nomination for The Toscars 2015

Feb 2015 10


The Toscars, an annual event hosted by Brits in LA, parodies Oscar nominated films of that year, including American Sniper. In American Snapper, useless British paparazzo Chris Pyle, ships out to L.A where the action is, to try and snap the perfect cover shot, but it’s not quite as straightforward as he thinks.

Dec 2014 16

Written and directed by Atefeh Nouri, Lullaby recounts the heartbreaking classic tale of the Bride awaiting her Groom. Excitement and joy quickly turn to worry and despair as the Bride is left to deal with the tragic consequences.

Nov 2014 10

Rico Ventura’s last boxing match has him take on the ultimate opponent. To his surprise his final fight is occurring in his mind, as he lies on a hospital bed fighting cancer, next to his best friend, his wife.

Oct 2014 04

After discussing what ammunition they need for the gun they are about to purchase, Dorri and her father, Farhad, are racially insulted by the store owner, and Dorri is forced to pacify the escalating situation. This scene from Crash was filmed by acclaimed Persian actor/director Atefeh Nouri, for her USC directing course.

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